Frequently asked questions

Here are some frequently asked questions

Don’t hesitate to contact us in the event of an emergency or claim.
It depends. It doesn’t cost you anything to contact your insurer in the event of a claim. You can then discuss with an agent and see if it’s beneficial for you to make a claim.
No. Première Générale is a private Canadian chartered company. Première Générale is a certified contractor to carry out work for insurance companies.
No. Première Générale specializes in post-disaster interventions only.
Yes. Première Générale ranks at the top among companies in the field for the Outaouais region. We are constantly evaluated by project sponsors, and we receive a rating and ranking that compare us to our competition.
Because Première Générale has demonstrated in the past its strong ability to deploy equipment and personnel in very short timeframes to mitigate the damage caused by a large-scale disaster. Additionally, the company is organized for this type of intervention. Choosing Première Générale for a major claim will save you significant costs due to our swift response.
This is a certification granted biennially by the Bureau de Normalisation du Québec (Quebec Standards Bureau). In effect since 2008, the certification program aims to independently recognize the quality of a company’s internal relationships as perceived by its employees. Première Générale has held this certification since 2020.

You can count on Première Générale for a quick return to normal life.

The advantages of première générale gatineau

Choosing the right post-disaster company has a major impact on the time and quality of repairs to your property.
Since 2015, Première Générale Gatineau has been at the forefront of post-disaster companies in the region. It has made its mark, completing numerous large-scale projects and possessing a firmly established reputation.
Première Générale is able to reduce the timeline of your project thanks to its internal organization that makes use of the latest technological tools in the industry.
All companies boast of offering excellent customer service. However, we know very well that this doesn’t reflect the reality. At Première Générale, we’ve discovered the secret ingredient: the quality and integrity of our employees.
Première Générale holds the required licenses to be a certified contractor for major national insurance companies. Moreover, our work is carried out by qualified employees and is based on strong subcontracting partnerships.
According to customer satisfaction surveys targeting victims of home disasters, one of the biggest irritants is communication. Many clients are confused and feel left in the dark regarding the progress of their project. At Première Générale, we invest in cohesive and organized employee teams so that our workflow is methodical and you are informed throughout the process of settling your claim.

Have you filed an insurance claim?

Ask your insurer to use Première Générale Gatineau. We have all the systems accredited by insurers, and we follow the standards and procedures of Quebec insurers.