About us

Our company

We are authorized to deal with all national insurance companies. We use their software for both estimating and workflow management. And we follow their standards and procedures to the letter.

Front row

Over the past few years, Première Générale Gatineau has become the Outaouais’ leading provider of after-sales services! We’re proud of it!


To serve you better, our certified specialists are constantly honing their expertise in disaster recovery technologies. As a member of the Institut de Certification d’Inspection, de Nettoyage et de Restauration (IICRC), we’re ready to provide you with the information and service you’d expect from the best.

Our achievements

  • Between 2015 and 2022, Première Générale experienced significant market growth in the Outaouais region, becoming one of the region's leading post-disaster companies.
  • The company's workforce grew from 13 employees to more than 40. In 2017, it won the Excelor award from the Gatineau Chamber of Commerce for its exemplary human resource. The company has participated in 7 major catastrophe events at the request of specific insurers: (Laval, Windsor (ON), Kingston (ON), Val d'Or, Toronto, Halifax, tornadoes and Gatineau's historic floods).
  • In 2022, the company merged its operations with offices in Pembrooke (ON), Kingston (ON), Ottawa (ON) and Cornwall (ON), becoming the largest consortium of disaster recovery companies in the Ottawa Valley.

Our vision

Première Générale Gatineau is the company of choice for customers and employees in the region. A respectful, high-performance company, driven by innovation and belonging. Première Générale Gatineau is the example in its field, both in its local market and within the larger banner.

Our mission

To be there for you and empathize with what the homeowner is going through. To care for the property as if it were our own. To be reliable and keep our commitments.

Our goals

We are post-disaster specialists with the knowledge and skills to make every property safe for the owner.

Our values

Take responsibility for our actions and commit to working with the customer at every stage of the restoration process. Facilitate the sharing of information on the status of work in progress.

How we work

If your loss is the subject of an insurance claim, we understand that this can be a complex process. As a general rule, a post-loss intervention will follow the following steps.

Initial intervention

As soon as your loss occurs, you call our company and the initial intervention takes place.


Following the initial post-loss intervention, an estimation process is initiated to produce a reconstruction estimate.

The rebuild

Once your estimate has been approved, the work is planned and carried out by our qualified teams.